Update DEC.2015

It has been a long while since I have done anything with Force Talk…and now I have finally figured it all out.

the thing is, I was trying to tackle a whole category of Force-Realists…talking in terms of being Jedi AND being Sith…and in reality, it was never going to work out. My original aim was to talk about both and then talk about my personal philosophy…but, upon becoming “Darth EshBa’al” and no longer being “Sith Master Larken (the Light Sith)”…I realized that I am Darkness…and I could never represent the Light in a way that others could follow as true.

So…therefore…”Force Talk”, rather than be the singular channel I had hoped it would become, needs to become a “Community” effort, rather than something that is done by one person.

So…Force Talk is back up and running, and now, on top of everything else, I have started a new Channel called “Darth EshBa’al” strictly for talking about Sithism and Dark-Side matters.

Darth EshBa'al

Channel Link can be found HERE

There have been 2 videos made there thus far and more will be added later. Also, there will hopefully be interviews added so not everything is a lecture, and maybe some videos on current events and other intriguing topics.

Another wordpress entry will be coming soon.

In order for “Force Talk” to grow to evolve…I will need help. As a said before, this Channel was not meant to be done alone, and so, I need other perspectives in it in order to make something of it. I need Jedi Knights to make videos on the Light Side of the Force…need discussion topics to cover. I need people that train in Lightsabers who live with The Force every day.

Once I get back into my channel, things will get better, but for now, it is strictly via YouTube and Facebook that videos and discussion are being posted.

So, if you have been following this blog and waiting for updates, I thank you. Force Talk will start coming together again now that I have the right direction for it.  But if you haven’t done so already…hop on the Facebook page down below, and let me know if any of you reading this would be willing to help me out with my project.



About Darth EshBa'al

I used to be the Lord of Religious Teachings, Study, and Conversion at Sithacademy.com and then High-Lady at Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). I also dabbled in other areas of The Force...I was a Padawan at many Jedi-Temples and later discovered my own truth through the balance of light and dark. So, in a sense...I am a Light Sith or Shadow Jedi... Through my blogs I hope to spread truth and be informative through all aspects of The Force whether it be Jedi-Realism, Sithism, or other. I want to shed light on the Community and move away from the myths and fiction which is Star Wars. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. May the The Force be with you and the Void cradle you through your personal Journey.
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