First video is up!

It took forever…but the first “testing” video for the Force Talk Channel is now up on YouTube:

So, now you might be asking: “Why did you not do a video about what Force Talk is? What about making a video about The Force?”

Trust me…I hear you, but this was just a “test” video, remember? I finally figured out the best angle on which to shoot from my laptop, and I was also just playing around with what music I wanted to use, how I wanted the video to start. It’s far from what I wish Force Talk could be, but, at least it’s better than scrapping the Channel idea altogether.

So, in this video Lord Larken (moi) talked about a multitude of subjects. First we start with Light and Dark as according to reality (Good and Evil), and then Light and Dark as it manifests itself within The Force (Jedi-Realism / Sithism). WE also touch up on power, how it is individual…and then we go into a deeper and darker place.

So…extremist groups who think of themselves as evil. Should they be taken seriously, or no? Well, in this video, Lord Larken introduces two people very infamous in The Force Community named Imperius and Ravenus (now known as Amon Kahn and Asmodeus), the two Founders and figureheads of Sith Academy, and the Emperors of their New World Order Group known as the Black Dragon Empire:


What is the Black Dragon Empire?
Well, we still are not completely sure…

Asides from the martial-artist clothes, cheap masks, and Nazi Regalia, it just seems like another scam for power…more promises from these two that cannot be kept no matter how much money you invest. In fact, this might just be another ploy for money, just like the Sith Academy ended up being.

Being just a test-video, we decided to talk about this group as Lord Larken had some experience with these two men back when Sith Academy was still newish and still driven with passion and power…still had a plan and was close with the Dark Side of The Force.
While their true nature and intentions are not yet known, their videos are comedic, and, when they did not like Larken and others laughing at their video, they had to go in and make a response to it, mocking those that mocked them, and saying that words affected them and no way.
But…we do not believe that for a second ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still…while the ranting at the end is unnecessary and does not embody all that we wish to accomplish here at Force Talk, we want to know what you think.

Take a moment to clear your mind, and answer these questions in the comment-section below:

1.) What is Light and Darkness as YOU understand it.
2.) Explain what you believe is Good and is Evil.
3.) If you want to, feel free to tell us where you stand on that spectrum of Light and Dark, and why this path chose you (or you-it).
4.) Black Dragon Empire — will you join them?
5.) Black Dragon Empire — do you see them as a real threat or as a joke?

That’s all the questions we have today…but as always: May The Force be with you. ๐Ÿ™‚


About Darth EshBa'al

I used to be the Lord of Religious Teachings, Study, and Conversion at and then High-Lady at Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). I also dabbled in other areas of The Force...I was a Padawan at many Jedi-Temples and later discovered my own truth through the balance of light and dark. So, in a sense...I am a Light Sith or Shadow Jedi... Through my blogs I hope to spread truth and be informative through all aspects of The Force whether it be Jedi-Realism, Sithism, or other. I want to shed light on the Community and move away from the myths and fiction which is Star Wars. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. May the The Force be with you and the Void cradle you through your personal Journey.
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