What’s going on with FT?

To answer the first question: …scripting, scripting, and more scripting.

While originally I was going to take this in a less professional manner, I was asking around online for opinions on how to go about ‘doing’ Force Talk, when, someone that is rather well known in the Force-Community mentioned scripting. She made a good point in saying that scripting would make it easier to get points across, and it would make my videos stand out more. Thus, I have been trying to script out multiple episodes in advance so that I can get down all sorts of ideas before I forget.

Another thing that has been going on is that I am still trying to figure out the smaller details with the Channel. Not only did I make Force Talk in order to be something that is educational…but, I also made the Channel in an effort to bring people closer together as a community.

Jedi, Sith, Jeda’ii, it doesn’t matter…we all have that one common ground which is The Force, and, I want these videos to be a tool for people so that they may advance in their path, meet others of similar beliefs, and ultimately so that we may share our knowledge and mastery with others.

So…I have been going over several things in my head and I need to see what other people think of these ideas.

1.) Obviously there are a lot of things that go into a Force lifestyle, including diets, special classes on different magicks, martial arts, and many other things (such as swordplay and yoga)— I am not going to be able to do all these things in my videos. While I could do short stints on meditation or some Yoga poses…there really is no way I can do some of the things that other Force-Users could. And that is why I want to bring video-collaberation into the mix.

If others send me their videos (through e-mail or something like that), I can easily add their videos to whatever it is I might be talking about. Not only does this help me out, but, it gives the Force Community more recognition and can bring people together of similar interests.


2.) Other than video collabs…I was also thinking about urging video responses to my videos. My first video discusses The Force and what it is and/or is believed to be. At the end of my video, I would then ask others to leave a video responses describing what The Force is to the them, how they use it, communicate with it, and etc. Again, this brings people together, gives them a voice…and I think it’s a really good idea.


3.) The only other thing that I could think about as far as “bringing people together” would be some sort of contest…something like a poll where people vote who is the most influential Force User in the world, or, we took polls and surveys for whatever reason. I don’t know…these are all just little ideas I am throwing out there while I try and get everything up and running for this Channel.


So…if you’re reading this and have an opinion on the matter…please, do not hesitate to tell me what you think in the comment’s section below.

Many thanks in advance!
May The Force be with you!

About Darth EshBa'al

I used to be the Lord of Religious Teachings, Study, and Conversion at Sithacademy.com and then High-Lady at Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). I also dabbled in other areas of The Force...I was a Padawan at many Jedi-Temples and later discovered my own truth through the balance of light and dark. So, in a sense...I am a Light Sith or Shadow Jedi... Through my blogs I hope to spread truth and be informative through all aspects of The Force whether it be Jedi-Realism, Sithism, or other. I want to shed light on the Community and move away from the myths and fiction which is Star Wars. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. May the The Force be with you and the Void cradle you through your personal Journey.
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