Update: What to Expect from FT

325a5a11-e8d5-4c72-82d6-e20f8241202d_zps850311ffSo, it has been a little bit since the creation of this blog and the Force Talk Channel on YouTube (<— Click this to go to said Channel) // since then we have also added a Facebook Page but we still have a long way to go before we are up and running.

So…what can you expect from Force Talk?

I thought that I made it semi-clear in the first blog post, but there still seems to be some confusion about what all will be featured on Force Talk. But, the truth is, I’m not exactly sure what all will be included in it myself.

The thing is…Force Talk is bigger than just spreading the truth about Force-Users are and are NOT. It’s more than separating the real people from the movies…Force Talk is also meant to ‘guide’ Force Users in the right direction.
It’s a way to give them resources…different Temples where they can study, talking about meetings and conventions where they can gather alongside people they can relate to. It’s about interviewing different people on what The Force means to them and how they integrate their beliefs with their lifestyle.

Because The Force is also about fitness and etc. I would also like to include martial arts videos…maybe some workouts, Yoga, perhaps some meditation even since The Force has a lot of that too.

…then there’s the fact that we might have other Religions included as well (since The Force is basically a religion based off of several beliefs all mixed into one), so there’s no limit to what we could include on the Channel.

So while I know a lot of people are being rather skeptical about the stuff I might publish, post, or upload…know that it will all come together in one way or another. Whether I am doing this Channel alone or with several different people…the goal is to educate and enlighten (or endarken if you are of that sort), and it will be done.

More updates coming soon.


About Darth EshBa'al

I used to be the Lord of Religious Teachings, Study, and Conversion at Sithacademy.com and then High-Lady at Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). I also dabbled in other areas of The Force...I was a Padawan at many Jedi-Temples and later discovered my own truth through the balance of light and dark. So, in a sense...I am a Light Sith or Shadow Jedi... Through my blogs I hope to spread truth and be informative through all aspects of The Force whether it be Jedi-Realism, Sithism, or other. I want to shed light on the Community and move away from the myths and fiction which is Star Wars. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. May the The Force be with you and the Void cradle you through your personal Journey.
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