Welcome to Force Talk!

…well, the title explains it all. Welcome to Force Talk!

I’m not really sure how to start this blog, so I guess I will make it in to a Q&A-thing so that (hopefully) I can answer any questions you might have for me about myself or this blog.

  • Who are you?

You may call me Miarene, Nyati Grey, or Larken…I really go by them all. In Jedi-Realism my Padawan name is Miarene. I have been studying Jedi-Realism for a couple of years now, and, while I find the path to be very interesting…I take everything in Jedi-Realism at a snail’s pace.

In Sithism I was known as Lord Larken because of my high-rank at the Sith Academy. I also was a High-Lady at Temple of the Sith Order TOTSO // but the Site never reached its peak to where ti could take on a massive amount of recruits, and so, it shut down. I still study Sithism today and am looking to apply my mastery at new Temples.

…but my other name (Nyati Grey) comes from my desire to find my personal truth…to discover my own Path by mixing what I have learned in both the Light-side and Dark-side of The Force. Light Sith, Shadow Jedi…call it what you will, but it is merely a ‘grey’ aspect of The Force, a balance.

  • What is Force Talk?

Force Talk is a soon-to-be YouTube Channel which focuses on Religions based in the way of The Force (Jedi-Realism, Sithism, and any others).
Not only will these things be covered as a Religious topic…but I will also be talking about the differences between The Force as a lifestyle versus as a religion, the myths often associated with The Force and those who practice a mastery in it, I will be talking about The Force Community, I will also be doing interviews with different people such as Jedi-Masters, Knight, and Padawans — hopefully I will be able to involve some Siths in there as well.

…so, what is the purpose of this blog then? Well, this blog is attuned to the YouTube Channel in a sense that it is a way to get feedback and a way to spread the Channel farther. Sometimes I might write blogs on personal experiences, maybe spread the words that I have a new video uploaded.

Sometimes I will do non-recorded interviews which I can put here, and maybe even do things such as putting a meditation in here or an exercise to help people down their own path. The possibilities are endless with this one. This blog will help me connect more like-minded people, and more curious people that might be a bit skeptical about The Force and what all these religions entail. Um…all I can say is that I promise that the blog and the YouTube Channel will go hand-in-hand.


  • What can I expect to see from Force Talk in the future?

Interviews from people associated with The Force as a lifestyle and/or religion…hopefully other religious leaders that we might interview because they share some similar concepts with Force Users.

You can also expect some rants, talks on Jedi-Realism, Sithism, Force Myths, maybe some meditations and exercises…I have some things mapped out, but not everything is set in stone just yet.

  • Why should I follow this Blog?

I can not tell you what to do, I am not your Mother, and I cannot use a Jedi-mind-trick to make you subscribe to me (we will talk about that later though when discussing Force Myths).

But, what I can say is that…if you are interested in The Force, in becoming Jedi or Sith, then this might be a good blog for you. We will be talking a lot with the leaders of different temples, about their teachings and etc, so that maybe you can figure out where you might want to go to learn more or expand upon your current knowledge.

Also, if you are someone that has heard about Jedi and Sith being real and you are just curious, then, this will shed some light on you about what it all really entails rather than what you see in the movies.

Lastly…just subscribe if you want to. I cannot guarantee that this will be an amazing channel or experience or anything. I am just here to speak the truth and be informative as is my specialty 🙂



That’s all I have for now. I’m not sure when the real Channel will be starting, but I’m hoping to get something going within the next 2-3 months. Until then, I hope to have some blogs written to keep you entertained.

May The Force be with you!

About Darth EshBa'al

I used to be the Lord of Religious Teachings, Study, and Conversion at Sithacademy.com and then High-Lady at Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). I also dabbled in other areas of The Force...I was a Padawan at many Jedi-Temples and later discovered my own truth through the balance of light and dark. So, in a sense...I am a Light Sith or Shadow Jedi... Through my blogs I hope to spread truth and be informative through all aspects of The Force whether it be Jedi-Realism, Sithism, or other. I want to shed light on the Community and move away from the myths and fiction which is Star Wars. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. May the The Force be with you and the Void cradle you through your personal Journey.
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