Update DEC.2015

It has been a long while since I have done anything with Force Talk…and now I have finally figured it all out.

the thing is, I was trying to tackle a whole category of Force-Realists…talking in terms of being Jedi AND being Sith…and in reality, it was never going to work out. My original aim was to talk about both and then talk about my personal philosophy…but, upon becoming “Darth EshBa’al” and no longer being “Sith Master Larken (the Light Sith)”…I realized that I am Darkness…and I could never represent the Light in a way that others could follow as true.

So…therefore…”Force Talk”, rather than be the singular channel I had hoped it would become, needs to become a “Community” effort, rather than something that is done by one person.

So…Force Talk is back up and running, and now, on top of everything else, I have started a new Channel called “Darth EshBa’al” strictly for talking about Sithism and Dark-Side matters.

Darth EshBa'al

Channel Link can be found HERE

There have been 2 videos made there thus far and more will be added later. Also, there will hopefully be interviews added so not everything is a lecture, and maybe some videos on current events and other intriguing topics.

Another wordpress entry will be coming soon.

In order for “Force Talk” to grow to evolve…I will need help. As a said before, this Channel was not meant to be done alone, and so, I need other perspectives in it in order to make something of it. I need Jedi Knights to make videos on the Light Side of the Force…need discussion topics to cover. I need people that train in Lightsabers who live with The Force every day.

Once I get back into my channel, things will get better, but for now, it is strictly via YouTube and Facebook that videos and discussion are being posted.

So, if you have been following this blog and waiting for updates, I thank you. Force Talk will start coming together again now that I have the right direction for it.  But if you haven’t done so already…hop on the Facebook page down below, and let me know if any of you reading this would be willing to help me out with my project.


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Calling out to Imperius

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be a personal one that stands outside of the Force Talk Channel. I (Lord Larken) am saying now that there is nothing to be learned from this video.
Hate does not cancel out hate…thus mocking, does not cancel out being mocked. The world does not work in this way.

Recently, I (Lord Larken) posted the “Black Dragon Empire” video in the humor-section of another Force website. As someone who has been on the same site as the two ‘Emperors’, I found their new scam for power comical, but they did not find my posting of it very humerous, and lashed out via video.
Granted, their reply to my actions were mostly comical and non-threatening, but, it made me laugh even more, that they would play such childish games. Therefore, I decided to play right back.
They said that by my actions I had mocked them. So, I decided to show them what real mocking was.

Not only that, but, I am using this video to call out to Imperius whom is the more intelligible of the two men (the one in the white mask). He is being led astray from his true path by the one who now calls himself Asmodeus.
He is being drug behind a car, driven by Asmodeus, and they are running off of a jagged cliff together. When that car finally crashes, neither of them will survive. So, I ask Imperius now to chew threw his leash…to save himself and really get out there and do the great things that I know him to be capable of.
You’re not an evil man Imperius…so do not let the Raven fool you any longer. Stop being his puppet.

Anyways…for those interested, here was their response video to myself and another person (who follows left-hand spirituality as a dark aspect):

Aaaaand here is my video in response to them and in calling out Imperius:


For those still looking at this Blog, I take back what I said about there being “nothing to learn here”, and I will pose you these questions:

1.) If someone has fallen astray of their path and potential, would you try and save them? Why or why not?
2.) When push comes to shove…would you shove back?
3.) Fire cannot be fought with fire, but can humour be fought with humour?
4.) How would someone in the Light Aspect respond to something like this (a attack via media)? How would someone in the Dark Aspect respond?

Anyways…new and regular videos will resume as soon as possible.

May The Force be with you…Always.

—Lord LaRkEn

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First video is up!

It took forever…but the first “testing” video for the Force Talk Channel is now up on YouTube:

So, now you might be asking: “Why did you not do a video about what Force Talk is? What about making a video about The Force?”

Trust me…I hear you, but this was just a “test” video, remember? I finally figured out the best angle on which to shoot from my laptop, and I was also just playing around with what music I wanted to use, how I wanted the video to start. It’s far from what I wish Force Talk could be, but, at least it’s better than scrapping the Channel idea altogether.

So, in this video Lord Larken (moi) talked about a multitude of subjects. First we start with Light and Dark as according to reality (Good and Evil), and then Light and Dark as it manifests itself within The Force (Jedi-Realism / Sithism). WE also touch up on power, how it is individual…and then we go into a deeper and darker place.

So…extremist groups who think of themselves as evil. Should they be taken seriously, or no? Well, in this video, Lord Larken introduces two people very infamous in The Force Community named Imperius and Ravenus (now known as Amon Kahn and Asmodeus), the two Founders and figureheads of Sith Academy, and the Emperors of their New World Order Group known as the Black Dragon Empire:


What is the Black Dragon Empire?
Well, we still are not completely sure…

Asides from the martial-artist clothes, cheap masks, and Nazi Regalia, it just seems like another scam for power…more promises from these two that cannot be kept no matter how much money you invest. In fact, this might just be another ploy for money, just like the Sith Academy ended up being.

Being just a test-video, we decided to talk about this group as Lord Larken had some experience with these two men back when Sith Academy was still newish and still driven with passion and power…still had a plan and was close with the Dark Side of The Force.
While their true nature and intentions are not yet known, their videos are comedic, and, when they did not like Larken and others laughing at their video, they had to go in and make a response to it, mocking those that mocked them, and saying that words affected them and no way.
But…we do not believe that for a second 😉

Still…while the ranting at the end is unnecessary and does not embody all that we wish to accomplish here at Force Talk, we want to know what you think.

Take a moment to clear your mind, and answer these questions in the comment-section below:

1.) What is Light and Darkness as YOU understand it.
2.) Explain what you believe is Good and is Evil.
3.) If you want to, feel free to tell us where you stand on that spectrum of Light and Dark, and why this path chose you (or you-it).
4.) Black Dragon Empire — will you join them?
5.) Black Dragon Empire — do you see them as a real threat or as a joke?

That’s all the questions we have today…but as always: May The Force be with you. 🙂

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What’s going on with FT?

To answer the first question: …scripting, scripting, and more scripting.

While originally I was going to take this in a less professional manner, I was asking around online for opinions on how to go about ‘doing’ Force Talk, when, someone that is rather well known in the Force-Community mentioned scripting. She made a good point in saying that scripting would make it easier to get points across, and it would make my videos stand out more. Thus, I have been trying to script out multiple episodes in advance so that I can get down all sorts of ideas before I forget.

Another thing that has been going on is that I am still trying to figure out the smaller details with the Channel. Not only did I make Force Talk in order to be something that is educational…but, I also made the Channel in an effort to bring people closer together as a community.

Jedi, Sith, Jeda’ii, it doesn’t matter…we all have that one common ground which is The Force, and, I want these videos to be a tool for people so that they may advance in their path, meet others of similar beliefs, and ultimately so that we may share our knowledge and mastery with others.

So…I have been going over several things in my head and I need to see what other people think of these ideas.

1.) Obviously there are a lot of things that go into a Force lifestyle, including diets, special classes on different magicks, martial arts, and many other things (such as swordplay and yoga)— I am not going to be able to do all these things in my videos. While I could do short stints on meditation or some Yoga poses…there really is no way I can do some of the things that other Force-Users could. And that is why I want to bring video-collaberation into the mix.

If others send me their videos (through e-mail or something like that), I can easily add their videos to whatever it is I might be talking about. Not only does this help me out, but, it gives the Force Community more recognition and can bring people together of similar interests.


2.) Other than video collabs…I was also thinking about urging video responses to my videos. My first video discusses The Force and what it is and/or is believed to be. At the end of my video, I would then ask others to leave a video responses describing what The Force is to the them, how they use it, communicate with it, and etc. Again, this brings people together, gives them a voice…and I think it’s a really good idea.


3.) The only other thing that I could think about as far as “bringing people together” would be some sort of contest…something like a poll where people vote who is the most influential Force User in the world, or, we took polls and surveys for whatever reason. I don’t know…these are all just little ideas I am throwing out there while I try and get everything up and running for this Channel.


So…if you’re reading this and have an opinion on the matter…please, do not hesitate to tell me what you think in the comment’s section below.

Many thanks in advance!
May The Force be with you!

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Update: What to Expect from FT

325a5a11-e8d5-4c72-82d6-e20f8241202d_zps850311ffSo, it has been a little bit since the creation of this blog and the Force Talk Channel on YouTube (<— Click this to go to said Channel) // since then we have also added a Facebook Page but we still have a long way to go before we are up and running.

So…what can you expect from Force Talk?

I thought that I made it semi-clear in the first blog post, but there still seems to be some confusion about what all will be featured on Force Talk. But, the truth is, I’m not exactly sure what all will be included in it myself.

The thing is…Force Talk is bigger than just spreading the truth about Force-Users are and are NOT. It’s more than separating the real people from the movies…Force Talk is also meant to ‘guide’ Force Users in the right direction.
It’s a way to give them resources…different Temples where they can study, talking about meetings and conventions where they can gather alongside people they can relate to. It’s about interviewing different people on what The Force means to them and how they integrate their beliefs with their lifestyle.

Because The Force is also about fitness and etc. I would also like to include martial arts videos…maybe some workouts, Yoga, perhaps some meditation even since The Force has a lot of that too.

…then there’s the fact that we might have other Religions included as well (since The Force is basically a religion based off of several beliefs all mixed into one), so there’s no limit to what we could include on the Channel.

So while I know a lot of people are being rather skeptical about the stuff I might publish, post, or upload…know that it will all come together in one way or another. Whether I am doing this Channel alone or with several different people…the goal is to educate and enlighten (or endarken if you are of that sort), and it will be done.

More updates coming soon.

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Welcome to Force Talk!

…well, the title explains it all. Welcome to Force Talk!

I’m not really sure how to start this blog, so I guess I will make it in to a Q&A-thing so that (hopefully) I can answer any questions you might have for me about myself or this blog.

  • Who are you?

You may call me Miarene, Nyati Grey, or Larken…I really go by them all. In Jedi-Realism my Padawan name is Miarene. I have been studying Jedi-Realism for a couple of years now, and, while I find the path to be very interesting…I take everything in Jedi-Realism at a snail’s pace.

In Sithism I was known as Lord Larken because of my high-rank at the Sith Academy. I also was a High-Lady at Temple of the Sith Order TOTSO // but the Site never reached its peak to where ti could take on a massive amount of recruits, and so, it shut down. I still study Sithism today and am looking to apply my mastery at new Temples.

…but my other name (Nyati Grey) comes from my desire to find my personal truth…to discover my own Path by mixing what I have learned in both the Light-side and Dark-side of The Force. Light Sith, Shadow Jedi…call it what you will, but it is merely a ‘grey’ aspect of The Force, a balance.

  • What is Force Talk?

Force Talk is a soon-to-be YouTube Channel which focuses on Religions based in the way of The Force (Jedi-Realism, Sithism, and any others).
Not only will these things be covered as a Religious topic…but I will also be talking about the differences between The Force as a lifestyle versus as a religion, the myths often associated with The Force and those who practice a mastery in it, I will be talking about The Force Community, I will also be doing interviews with different people such as Jedi-Masters, Knight, and Padawans — hopefully I will be able to involve some Siths in there as well.

…so, what is the purpose of this blog then? Well, this blog is attuned to the YouTube Channel in a sense that it is a way to get feedback and a way to spread the Channel farther. Sometimes I might write blogs on personal experiences, maybe spread the words that I have a new video uploaded.

Sometimes I will do non-recorded interviews which I can put here, and maybe even do things such as putting a meditation in here or an exercise to help people down their own path. The possibilities are endless with this one. This blog will help me connect more like-minded people, and more curious people that might be a bit skeptical about The Force and what all these religions entail. Um…all I can say is that I promise that the blog and the YouTube Channel will go hand-in-hand.


  • What can I expect to see from Force Talk in the future?

Interviews from people associated with The Force as a lifestyle and/or religion…hopefully other religious leaders that we might interview because they share some similar concepts with Force Users.

You can also expect some rants, talks on Jedi-Realism, Sithism, Force Myths, maybe some meditations and exercises…I have some things mapped out, but not everything is set in stone just yet.

  • Why should I follow this Blog?

I can not tell you what to do, I am not your Mother, and I cannot use a Jedi-mind-trick to make you subscribe to me (we will talk about that later though when discussing Force Myths).

But, what I can say is that…if you are interested in The Force, in becoming Jedi or Sith, then this might be a good blog for you. We will be talking a lot with the leaders of different temples, about their teachings and etc, so that maybe you can figure out where you might want to go to learn more or expand upon your current knowledge.

Also, if you are someone that has heard about Jedi and Sith being real and you are just curious, then, this will shed some light on you about what it all really entails rather than what you see in the movies.

Lastly…just subscribe if you want to. I cannot guarantee that this will be an amazing channel or experience or anything. I am just here to speak the truth and be informative as is my specialty 🙂



That’s all I have for now. I’m not sure when the real Channel will be starting, but I’m hoping to get something going within the next 2-3 months. Until then, I hope to have some blogs written to keep you entertained.

May The Force be with you!

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